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Manuals: users' guides, reference manuals, getting started

Manuals (paper or electronic) introduce software applications by defining their core concepts and instructing the user how to perform the basic tasks in the application. An extended index, clear structure and format help the reader find his way easily.

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Online Help
WinHelp (*.HLP), Web-based Help (*.htm, *.chm)

Users press F1 for Help in an application when they find themselves in an emergency situation. What they want is straightforward instructions to solve their problem. A comprehensive index of search keywords and clear and short instructions are the most effective way to provide useful help to beginners. Advanced information may be provided in the form of hyperlinks to account for more specific questions. The whole art is to find a balance between elementary and advanced information and accommodate both in a clearly structured system.

Translation services

Translation services include :

all fields, from English or Dutch to French
localization translation of software components, from interface (menus, button labels, options, fields, etc.) to error messages and online help.
website translation html documents and button text

Translation automation tools : Trados, DéjàVu, VB macros. Custom terminology databases are used to ensure consistency between all documents translated for the same client.

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